Our clients appreciate our work, results and value to their institutions, physicians’ satisfaction and patients’ care and safety. And they’ve told us so. Review just some of the feedback we have received from loyal clients. 

“We sent a small back bitter that the surgeon was struggling with in terms of performance. When CSI returned it, the surgeon was so impressed, commenting on how well it functioned, insisting it was better than new.”

Sterile Processing Supervisor, Eastern US Hospital

“I’ve worked with CSI as our main vendor since 2001...I’ve sent every conceivable instrument for repair, from the most delicate ophthalmic forceps to the heaviest orthopedic bolt cutter and have been very happy with the results.”

Nurse Manager, US Medical Centre

“I have never seen such quality of workmanship in my 24 years of working in the OR.”

OR Team Leader, Eastern Canadian Province

“The service he (Zoltan Gere) provides on instruments deemed non-repairable is invaluable to our institution...saving the hospital a great deal of money.”

Contracts Specialist, US Hospital

“I’ve worked with Zoltan for ten years. In terms of his skills, it’s like everyone else is working in the basement and he’s on the 10th floor.”

Eastern Canadian Hospital