Services & Programs

CSI Canada Inc. repairs and restores virtually every one of the more than 10,000 different handheld endoscopic, orthopedic, urological, gynecological and neurosurgical instruments used by physicians.

Our services include:

  • Common surgical instrument repair and restoration
  • Surgical instrument upgrades and enhancements designed to maximize patient safety
  • Custom surgical instrument redesign/customization
  • Restoration to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications using the highest quality materials and the latest suite of German-precision technology and equipment
  • Maintenance and Education Program (audit, initial restoration, scheduled maintenance program)
  • Warranty
  • Cost-competitive pricing
  • Fast turn-around

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Our Proactive Approach

We know that surgeons need high-performance, reliable surgical instruments that perform to perfection, every time. This can be achieved through working with CSI Canada Inc. to develop and schedule a proactive maintenance and restoration program that meets your needs. We strongly recommend continuous maintenance of surgical tools to ensure high-performance and extending the life of these tools to achieve significant cost savings.

Our 30+ years experience in working with surgical instruments has proven that regular maintenance, via our state-of-the-art equipment and German-trained expertise, will increase the lifecycle of surgical instruments by 12 to 18 times on new instruments and four to six times on used instruments, adding years to their lifespan. This regular maintenance saves between 50 to 75 per cent the cost of replacement, resulting in significant savings over the long term.

Our proactive approach, along with our German-trained experts and cutting edge German equipment and precision technologies, is why more and more healthcare institutions and clinics across Canada and the United States are signing on to CSI Canada Inc.’s repair, restoration and maintenance programs.

Surgical Instrument Maintenance Program

  • Following assessment, instruments are refurbished to like new status.
  • Instruments are disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned using state-of-the-art technology to dramatically reduce normal wear and tear.
  • Instruments are hand-inspected by a skilled, trained craftsman.
  • All instruments are marked for identification for tracking and quality assurance purposes.

Consulting and Training

As experts in surgical instrument design, maintenance and refurbishment, we offer consultations and training for hospital and clinic staff on the proper procedures and techniques for instrument care, handling, disinfecting and sterilization. The result is minimized infection risk and maximized patient safety.